With so much going on in life, it is hard to be mindful of what we are doing and what is happening in our lives. Ask yourself whether you notice the small things in life and what is happening.

We are preoccupied with what to do next, what to say, and how to get on. So, today, trying to be mindful of what is going on in life will help reduce stress and the need to control all the time. 

In this blog, we will look at the top mindful activities to find calm ourselves as adults or teens. The good news is you can teach even your child or kid how to be aware from an early age. 

So, let’s look at these mindful activities we can do every day to live a happier and less stressful life! 

Top Mindful Activities to Find Calm for Adults 

1. Gratitude List 

Ever start your day with a gratitude list?

Well, you should start your day with a few points of what you are thankful for: for the new life, for a good day, for the excellent place to live, etc. 

Start your day by noting down a few points. The practice of keeping a gratitude list is to improve your well-being and create a positive environment, reducing your stress and anxiety. 

2. Mindful Driving 

Mindful Driving 

Drive your car to your office or run errands?

Yes, then try mindful driving. What you would be doing here is to focus on these. 

  • How do you feel while you steering wheel, 
  • The texture of your vehicle
  • Weight of the car underneath you, 
  • The sounds your tires make
  • How does your back feel in your car seat

One great way to practice mindful activities to find calm is to start cautious driving. 

3. Mindful Eating 

How often do you need to eat your food without your phone near or in your hand?

Many of us habitually sit to eat food with our phones, scroll our social media posts, or watch a series. 

Mindful Eating

So, learn to live in the moment through mindful eating. What you can do here is, 

  • Keep your phone away.
  • Eat with consciousness. 
  • Savour your food taste.
  • Chew it slowly. 

Another mindful activity for calm is to pay attention while you cook. Listen to the sound of the sizzles of your pan. 

Mindful Activities to Find Calm for Teenagers 

Many of us are about how hard it is to tame a teenager. However, many teenager are interested in various activities to keep their mind working. 

The best part is creating mindful activities for teens will allow them to live in the moment and have a deeper connection with themselves and their environment. 

You can try this mindful activity for a calm mind as a parent, teacher or teen. 

1. Mindful Meditation 

Here, it is all about focusing intensely on what you are sensing and feeling without passing judgment. 

There are some things you can follow. 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings with how you feel and sense. 
  • Try living in the moment without giving your way to stress about what will happen.
  • Accepting who you are through appreciation. 
  • Focus on what activities you are doing. 

2. Music 

Well, music is a great way to enter teenagers’ minds. So, to do it, give them headphones and a space to sit, relax, and engross themselves in the music. 


Once they have listened to the song, ask them to ask these questions themselves.

  • How do I feel when I  listen to the song?
  • What different sounds can I hear that I have listened to before?
  • Do I change my breathing to the rhythm of the music?

3. Mindful Dancing 

Dance is a great way to let out how one feels. It provides higher levels of emotional and spiritual well-being, increasing the acceptance of oneself and promoting positive feelings.

What you can do is 

  • Put on any type of genre like Pop, R&B, jazz, etc
  • Feel the rhythm by closing your eyes.
  • Go with the flow through your moves.
  • Concentrate on how your body moves to the rhythm of the music.
  • Try to keep your focus on the moves and the music.

Mindful Activities to Find Calm for Kids

Want to instil a sense of mindfulness in your kids or child’s lives?

Well, here are some top mindful activities to find calm for kids. 

1. Wiggle and Freeze Game

It is a great way to create awareness in kids’ lives. So, you asked them to do this. 

  • Move around or wiggle until someone says, “Freeze!”
  • Ask them to notice how their body feels when they stop moving.

2. Five Sense Scavenger Hunt

Another mindful activity to engage in is engaging all the five senses. 

Listen, look, smell, taste and touch the things around you.

First up, you can ask them this. 

  • Listen to the noise they hear and name what noise they hear. 
  • Then, look around to see what they notice and name it. 
  • Then, asked them to sniff and to answer what they smelled. 
  • Give them kid-friendly snacks, taste them, and tell them what they taste like. 
  • Place objects in their hands and ask them how they feel. 

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Lead the way by taking different positions and asking them to follow you. I know it might create laughter and giggles along the way, but I asked them to stand on one leg, squat, sit, and stretch. Then, ask the kids how it feels when they do it and how their body feels while they laugh. 

Mindful Activities to Find Calm for Anxious Mind 

As life goes on, so many things stress us out. So, here are some mindful activities to find calm mind and to live a more present and positive life. 

Here are the activities you can do, 

  • Tracking 
  • Body scanning 
  • Acceptance and Affirmation 
  • Breathing 
  • Journaling 
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation
  • Blindfold movement 
  • Crafting 
  • Colouring and Painting
  • Deep breading exercise 
  • A deep listening exercise. 


Live a better life and be more mindful about what is happening around you with these 32 mindful activities to find calm mind. It might be challenging to tune down one reason but keep trying to live your life now. 

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