Ayurvedic Treatment for Gallstones

Today we look at some Ayurvedic Treatment for Gallstones. While a healthy liver is essential for eliminating toxins, processing cholesterol, hormones, and metabolizing glucose, proteins, and fats, the health of another organ is also essential for these processes. The gall bladder is a tiny pear-shaped pouch-like organ behind the liver on the right side of the belly that stores and concentrates bile, a yellowish-brown digestive enzyme synthesized by the liver to aid digestion.

What Are the Causes of Gallstones?

  • Your bile has an abnormally high level of cholesterol.
  • Your bile has an abnormally high level of bilirubin.
  • Your gallbladder does not empty.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gallstones

The following are a few best Ayurvedic medicine for Gallbladder stone:


Turmeric, also known as Haldi or Halada in Sanskrit, is widely known for its outstanding choleretic and anti-inflammatory qualities due to curcumin components. And is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for Gallbladder stone. Having some warm milk infused with turmeric after dinner aids in the liquefaction of bile fluids, removing gallstones from bile ducts and significantly improving digestion and liver function.


One of the most common causes of Gallstones is diet. One of the most important ways to avoid gallstones is to eat a balanced diet. Consume a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables while avoiding foods high in saturated fat. Nuts and seeds, which are high in fat, should be taken in moderation.

Rock salt

This could be the best Ayurvedic medicine for Gallbladder stone since it may aid in increasing bile flow. Take a tablespoon of rock or regular table salt in a glass of hot water before breakfast on an empty stomach. After drinking this, you should lie on your right side for 45 minutes; try this once or twice a week for the best effects.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a miracle cure for various ailments, including liver and gallbladder problems. It is a potent cholagogue and the best Ayurvedic medicine for a Gallbladder stone that cleanses the gall bladder of stones and is known as Kumari in Sanskrit. The gel from aloe leaves is mixed with honey and consumed on a daily cure for gallstones.


Exercising might help you maintain a healthy weight. Swimming and jogging are cardio workouts that benefit your heart and general health. Obesity is a risk factor for gallbladder stones, so keep that in mind.

Picrorhiza kurroa (Kitni)

This is a liver stimulant that enhances hunger. It has a bitter taste. It is an Ayurvedic medication that acts on the bile. Arogyavardhini Vati contains 50% kutki and is the most fantastic Liver tonic for gallstone elimination and bladder cleaning.


Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura dried fruits include bioactive ingredients such as alkaloids and phytosterols that help treat gallstones, liver and kidney difficulties, and urinary tract illnesses. This aromatic plant can be consumed as Gokshura churna or simply in powdered form to cleanse the gall bladder effectively.

Maintain Diabetes Control

If you have diabetes, keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Excessive blood sugar levels can lead to excessive fat levels in the blood, which can lead to gallstones.


Bhringraj’s principal activity is to improve bilious flow in the liver. It’s a great appetizer serving as a digestive aid and liver stimulant. It balances Vata.


Kalonji, scientifically known as Nigella sativa, is an age-old herbal remedy for gallstones due to its high concentration of the antioxidant thymoquinone, an anti-inflammatory and lipotropic agent.

Reduce Stress

Gallstones can occur as a direct or indirect result of stress. To effectively deal with stress, practice relaxation techniques such as meditation.


This is an Ayurvedic treatment in which toxins or waste products eliminates through the mouth or upper canals. Poisons such as Kapha and Pitta are delivered to the stomach and duodenum from all over the body and then excreted via the mouth. After induced emesis, you puke the waste products.

Black Pepper

Also known as Maricha in Sanskrit, it is rich in medicinal properties such as choleretic components that control bile discharges and improve liver and gall bladder functioning.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Various Ayurvedic treatments dissolve gallbladder stones, and specific Ayurvedic remedies such as Shankavati, Sootasekar ras, Pravaalpanchaamrit, Hingwaashtak choorna, Avipattikar choorna, etc. The severity of the gallstone disease determines the length and dose of these ayurvedic drugs.


As we all know, we all know, gallstones are caused by elevated Pitta levels and a liver that is not operating correctly. Virechana is the most effective Pitta therapy. This therapy cleanses the kidneys, liver, spleen, sweat glands, and small intestine and removes toxins from the blood. Virechana is identical to Vamana except that waste materials and poisons are cleaned by lower channels rather than higher pathways in Vamana. Virechana is usually performed three days following Vamana.

It is the best Ayurvedic medicine for Gallbladder stone.

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