There is no doubt since ancient times, the use of natural remedies to treat health issues and illnesses has been well-known. However, the introduction of technologies has begun producing, making us think they are more effective in treating diseases than others. 

But do you know how you can use herbs for neuropathy treatment?

Well, in this blog, we will be delving deep into the world of natural remedies to witness how herbs growth in nature have the power to treat nerve issues. 

So, today, let us discover the six herbs that can soothe our Neuropathy naturally, but before we do that, let us understand what exactly neuropathy is.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is also referred to as Peripheral Neuropathy, which is used to describe a range of health problems that involve damage to the peripheral nerves. It is a nerve disorder that various things can cause, but most crucially due to diabetes and or chemotherapy.

But do you know about the peripheral neuropathy symptoms?

Well, let’s look at how, according to the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), the symptoms of Neuropathy.

There are 

  • Experience a temporary or permanent numbness
  • Feeling a sense of tingling, prickling, or burning sensation
  • You will feel an increase in sensitivity to touch
  • Experience of pain
  • The feeling of muscle weakness or wasting
  • There is paralysis
  • Have a dysfunction in organs or glands
  • Experience impairment to urination and sexual function

Treat Neuropathy with these 6 Herbs

Below are some of the well-known natural remedies to treat peripheral Neuropathy. Moreover, these herbs are an effective remedy to relieve nerve issues. 

So, let’s look at these 6 herbs to treat your painful peripheral symptoms! 

1. Turmeric 


Turmeric is an effective natural remedy to treat various health issues, including inflammation, joint pain, and even digestive problems. It is because it has rich antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, which can help treat Neuropathy or damaged nerve tissue.

Due to the presence of solid curcumin in it, which is rich in antioxidants and combined with other properties, it is excellent for relieving peripheral neuropathy symptoms and preventing chronic aches. 

Moreover, it also boosts your nerve regeneration and functional recovery.

2. Passion Flower

Passion Flower

The passionflower is used as a traditional herbal medicine used for the temporary relief of mild anxiety. Also, it is well-known for treating individuals who face issues with sleep. 

What do studies say about it?

A study in 2016 in mice suggested that it is an effective remedy for treating neuropathic issues. However, this research needs more analysis. 

So, these beautiful purple flowers are used in natural medicine for health conditions such as anxiety, sleep problems, heart rhythm problems, and even menopausal symptoms in women. 

It is also helpful in relieving pain, which is believed to be due to the herb’s ability to increase the brain’s Gaba-aminobutyric (GABA) levels. 

3. Oat Straw

Oat Straw

Oat straws are natural grains high in minerals such as Zinc, magnesium, and iron. It is high in nutrition and is believed to restore nerve damage, acting as an anticonvulsant.

What can it do?

It enhances your nervous system function by providing nutrients to the providing nutrients to the brain. 

So, according to a study done on rats, it is found that oat straws are effective in treating and repairing sciatic nerve damage. 

Oat straw not only helps in improving the symptoms of depression, reducing anxiety, and relieving skin irritability but also reduces the risk of a heart attack. 

4. Chinese SkullCap

Chinese Skullcap is a herb primarily grown in wetlands and meadows and used as a natural medicine for relieving anxiety and soothing irritability. It is also used for relieving headaches and tension and decreasing inflammation. 

Are you suffering from neuropathy symptoms?

Well, it can relieve your painful symptoms by calming your nervous system, reducing your body’s inflammatory response, and promoting blood flow to your brain.

It also increases your insulin production, helping your pancreas to regulate insulin. Also, it helps lower cholesterol levels, a common issue for diabetic patients. 

5. Moringa Oleifera

It contains some of the most crucial nutrients, which are incredibly beneficial for treating malnutrition. In addition, it has neuroprotective properties, which might reduce both pain and inflammation. 

Another active ingredient in Moringa is beta-sitosterol (BSL), which has anti-nociceptive and neuroprotective properties and is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetic Neuropathy.

6. Feverfew Herb

Feverfew Herb

Do you know the feverfew herb is excellent for treating migraines and headaches?

Well, you can use these for all-around, which is excellent for relieving pain and effectively works in a preventative way. Also, feverfew is a neuropathy pain reliever that can help with nervous system disorders that cause you pain, weakness, and numbness. 

In addition to that, the extract of the feverfew flower can significantly improve your nerve-rated pain. It is also helpful in treating dermatitis, helping damaged skin cells and reducing inflammation.


Experiencing peripheral neuropathic can affect the quality of life as well as can put your life on hold. However, painful nerve symptoms cannot be cured, but you can get relief by using natural remedies for pain. 

So, if you are not going ahead with pharmaceutical treatments, be sure to get yourself treated with these 6 amazing herbs for Neuropathy. 

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